Te Ao Mārama

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Devices at Te Ao Mārama

We provide iPads and laptops as tools to enhance the learning at Te Ao Mārama School.  

We also run a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programme in Kāhu which allows students to make their computer personal to them and allowing them to continue work at home.

BYOD Fact Sheet

elearning fact sheet.pdf

Guide for parents.pdf

For further queries, please email frank@teaomarama.school.nz 

Digital Citizenship

We value our internet facilities and ICT digital technology equipment and the benefits they bring us in learning outcomes and the effective operation of the school. 

We are also committed to keeping our learners safe online.  All students will be asked to read and discuss our eLearning Responsibe Use Agreement at home before signing and returning it to school.  

This document will also be discussed and explored at school as part of our digital citizenship programmes.