School Donation & Fees

School Donation & Fees

We want to provide our children with the full benefits of extensive resources, additional learning programmes and special opportunities that we can all be very proud of. This can only be achieved with your support.

The school donations are currently set annually at $140 for the first child, $120 for the second child, with a maximum of $330 for a family.

School donations are voluntary, but we would be highly appreciative of any payment.

This donation is tax deductible and one third can be claimed back from the IRD. The IR526 form is downloadable from the IRD website. Payments made prior to 31st March, can be claimed from 1st April in that same year.

School donation funds are used to purchase sports gear, reading resources, library books, music and art equipment, & additional learning assistant support.

Activity Fee

The only fee we ask for is the Student Activity Fee of $50.00 per student annually.

The activity fee goes towards the costs of equipment, experiences (e.g. shows and concerts), and services that are extra to the school’s curriculum obligations. It also goes towards curriculum-based activities that involve a “take-home” component for your child to keep.

We also provide optional extra-curricular activities (on a user pays basis) that parents are required to pay for. These costs are always set at a “break-even” point (meaning the school does not profit from them). For example camps, music tuition and sports fees.

For families experiencing financial hardship & struggling to cover any school-related costs, please see the Manaaki Fund information below.

We are delighted to provide a support fund for our whānau that our School Board have unanimously supported.

From time to time there will be parents and caregivers who may find it challenging to pay for aspects of school life, such as the larger costs associated with camps and sports fees.

This support fund exists to help ensure that all students are able to participate.

If you need a helping hand from this fund, please complete the form below:

Manaaki Fund Application

Please include as much information as possible, as this will help us make a fair and equitable decision. Decisions will be made on a “case by case” basis.

All requests go to Tony (Principal) & Amanda (Office Manager), and will be treated with total confidentiality and sensitivity.

Manaaki: To support, look out for, show generosity and care for others