Hamilton North School

We are very fortunate to host a Hamilton North School specialist unit at Te Ao Mārama.

This is a Special Learning Centre within our school, catering for students with high needs. They have a stand alone unit that comprises two classrooms, a quiet work space, large break out area, attached outdoor area with appropriate equipment to support foundation skill development, kitchen, laundry and a full care bathroom.

For more information, please visit www.hamnorth.school.nz

Hamilton North School Offers:

  • Individualised Education Programmes.
  • Home, school liaison and support.
  • The National Curriculum adapted to meet individual needs.
  • Inclusion in the mainstream.
  • Low student/staff ratio.
  • Individualised swimming programmes.
  • Horse riding.
  • Access and support of Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Therapist, Orientation and Mobility Therapist and Psychologist as needed.
  • Art & Music specialist programmes.
  • Multicultural environment.
  • A Junior and Senior class unit
  • Community contact.
  • Life skills.
  • Behaviour Management.
  • Transport from and to home.
  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere