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School Fees and Donations

We would like to provide an outline of our funding situation, in an attempt to explain why we are reliant on parental support and school donations, and where the funds go.


While our school is fortunate to be a Public Private Partnership (PPP) school, this model is restricted to the buildings and grounds and does not relate to our funding or resourcing. As a brand new school we are attempting to develop our resources from scratch. Our initial set-up funding from the Ministry of Education has enabled us to purchase only the bare minimum.

Te Ao Mārama School is classified as a decile 10 school (top 10% of schools in high socio-economic areas). This is based on the census, and reflects a number of socio economic factors that identify our area as one that is high in its ability to generate and access funds.

As a decile 10 school Te Ao Mārama School receives $420,000 less than a decile 1 school per year (based on our current roll). This amount would almost double our funding Government funding.

School Donations

We want to provide our children with the full benefits of extensive resources, additional learning programmes and special opportunities that we can all be very proud of. This can only be achieved with your support.

The school donations are currently set at $140 for the first child, $120 for the second child, with a maximum of $330 for a family.

School donations are voluntary, but we would be highly appreciative of any payment.

This donation is tax deductible and a  can be claimed back from the IRD. The IR526 form is downloadable from the IRD website. Payments made prior to 31st March 2022 can be claimed from April 2022.

School donation funds are used to purchase sports gear, reading resources, library books, music and art equipment, & additional learning assistant support.


We’re a TaxGift School! You can grow your donations to Te Ao Marama School by signing up to TaxGift and gifting the tax credits on your donations to us from this year forward. 

It’s the easiest fundraising you’ll ever do. With TaxGift, your donations are boosted by up to 43% at no cost to you. Just think about the impact – if your donations would usually provide resources for two classrooms, by all of us TaxGifting, we could grow that to three classrooms! 

It takes less than a minute for you to sign up, costs you nothing (we pay TaxGift a small fee for this service) and you won’t need to do anything further. TaxGift and myKindo will make your donation grow.

Simply opt into TaxGift when you make your next donation via myKindo (if you’ve already donated, simply log in to your account and select ‘TaxGift’ as your rebate tax agent from your details page). 

Haven’t claimed donation tax credits before?

Gift them to us! If you haven’t claimed your donation tax credits on your school donations in the last four years, you can donate them to us with a simple tick of the historic tax credits box in the myKindo app. 

You can visit TaxGift's website (www.taxgift.co.nz) for more information. 

These additional funds will make a huge difference to the education we can provide to your children in 2022, and going forward, and we greatly appreciate any donations received in this way.

Other Fees

The only fee we ask for is the Student Activity Contribution of $45 per student.

The activity contribution goes towards the costs of equipment, experiences e.g. shows and concerts, and services that are extra to the school’s curriculum obligations. It also goes towards curriculum-based activities that involve a “take-home” component for your child to keep.

We also provide optional extra-curricular activities (on a user pays basis) that parents are required to pay for. These costs are always set at a “break-even” point. For example camps, music tuition and sports fees.

Frequently Asked Question

What about the Government School Donation Scheme I’ve heard about on the news?

Unfortunately, from 2020 the donations scheme was only made available to Decile 1-7 schools, where they will receive extra Government funding of $150 per child. This further adds to the inequity in our funding.

Please work with us to ensure that Te Ao Mārama School can continue to provide a quality education to all students.