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ICE Time (Home Learning) - Overview

The information below outlines our approach to teaching and learning at home.  Our team has put a lot of thought into this unique challenge.

Our home learning option will be known as "ICE Time"
(Inspire / Challenge / Empower {our school vision})

Important Considerations:

  • It is impossible to try and fully replicate a school day for you at home, nor should we be attempting to.  We don't expect you to become teachers at home, and the most important thing right now is to keep your children safe and secure.
  • Our key advice to parents and caregivers is to create a small degree of structure, make some time for learning, but also allow space and time for play and exploration. 
  • Try to make learning fun as your child’s wellbeing is more important than any academic learning.  If the learning becomes stressful for anyone...Stop! We don't want it to be overwhelming for anyone.
  • Most importantly, keep it simple and make it work for your whānau — there are no rules as such, and nor is there one “best way”.

Here are some of the factors that we have taken into account:

What ICE TIME is

What ICE TIME isn’t

  • A choice-based framework that can be personalised by each family
  • Provides children with choice and autonomy 
  • Focuses on our school values of collaboration, creativity, confidence, community-mindedness and curiosity
  • Allows flexibility for the needs of each family depending on their work commitments, care of others etc.
  • Prioritises the importance of mental & physical wellbeing as well as academics
  • Sitting at a computer or on a device all day
  • Worksheets
  • Singular focus on academic learning




ICE Time provides a range of learning opportunities for you to discuss and select with your child, as you see fit.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.  Please feel free to email me or your child's whānau teacher with any questions, concerns or comments.

Ngā Mihi, 

Tony Grey - Principal