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Enrolment Application Form

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Please complete this enrolment application for any international fee-paying students wishing to attend Te Ao Mārama School.

Student Details

Surname as it appears on passport

First name/s as they appear on passport

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Address in home country

Language most commonly spoken at home

Date student would like to start at Te Ao Mārama School

Date student would like to finish at Te Ao Mārama School

Parent 1 Details

Please also complete 'Parent 2' section if possible

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Parent 2 Details

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Emergency Contact Details

An emergency contact in the student's home country, other than parents)

Agent Details

If you are using an International Agent, please complete this section

Medical Information

Name of student's regular Doctor in home country

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Please select any medical conditions that the student has or does suffer from. More details can be provided below.

If answered 'yes' above or selected any of the medical conditions, please provide as much information as possible here

If 'Yes', please detail below

Please detail any current medication the student is taking

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If 'Yes' was selected above, please detail

Learning Information

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If you selected 'Yes' above, please provide more information

General Details

If 'Yes', please detail below

If answered 'Yes' above, please detail family member's name and year attended

If 'Yes', please detail below

If 'Yes' answered above, please detail name of school and dates attended

Please detail Months and Years

Accommodation Requirements

Designated Caregiver means a relative or family friend

Please note any other interests the student has

Designated Caregiver Details

If student will be staying with a relative or family friend, please complete this section

eg: Uncle, Aunty, Cousin, Grandparent, Family Friend

Insurance Details

If you are arranging your own insurance, please provide name of the provider

Please provide a copy of your insurance policy in English

This form needs to be completed in conjunction with the following declarations (where applicable):
1. Parents/Legal Guardians' Declaration and Authorisation
2. International Student Accommodation Agreement (if student is staying in school approved homestay)
3. Designated Caregiver Agreement (if student is staying with a relative or family friend)

These declarations can be found on the 'Enrolment Declarations' page under the International Students tab

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