Te Ao Mārama

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When did the school open?

We opened in Term One, 2019.

What is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) school?

The school is a public – private partnership (PPP) school.  This ISN'T a private school or a Charter school.

A PPP means that a private company has built an amazing high quality school with incredible facilities and resources and is also responsible for maintaining it for the next 25 years.  This frees the Principal and board of trustees from the burden of property maintenance and allows us to focus our time and energy on teaching and learning, culture, and community.  

What Year Levels does the school include?

We are a primary school, catering for Year 0-6 students (aged 5-11).

Is there a school uniform?

No, there is no compulsory uniform.

The topic of uniforms is an interesting one.  Some parents love them, while others hate them.

Our schoolwide vision is about personalisation, and a "one size fits one" approach…not one size fits all, and the concept of a uniform for all students doesn’t sit with our vision, values and approach to teaching and learning.
On the other hand, a one size fits one approach means some students and families would like a uniform, and we appreciate the fact that many parents find uniforms easier, so there is a range of optional items available to order.  Pop in to the office to see when the next optional uniforms are being ordered (we don't hold on to stock.)

If your child wants to come to school wearing some of these items, that's great. Alternatively, if they prefer to wear a superhero costume, or their favourite sports team shirt, or a tie, or a warm pair of trousers because it's cold, or cultural dress…then that’s great by us too!

For inter school events or events where students are representing our school, we will have board funded shirts and jackets for students to wear.

What is the maximum number the school is expected to cater for?

We opened in January, 2019 with 120 students, with the building design catering for up to 600 students. 

There is a Stage 2 Expansion planned with around 14 new classrooms, to accommodate for further growth when required.

How do I know if I am in zone?

Please refer to the Enrolment Zone section of the website, where there is a map and description. If still unsure, please contact the school office.

Does the school have before and after school care?

Yes, we have partnered with Journey Kids for our before and after school care provision.

More info here: Out of School Care | Te Ao Mārama (xn--teaomrama-9bb.school.nz)

Journey Kids offers an innovative and exciting out-of-school care programme at Te Ao Mārama School.  

Programmes are run before and after school, between the hours of 7.00-8.30am and 2.30-6.00pm.  For more information or to book, visit their website.

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