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This information is to support our families with any COVID- 19 queries, and what you need to do. Please note that we will update this information regularly, based on any updated guidelines from the Ministries of Education & Health.

What do I do if I am experiencing Covid-19 symptoms again?

The advice for people who have symptoms more than 28 days after having had COVID-19 has recently been updated:

  • If it’s been 28 days or less since your last infection - you don’t need to take a RAT. You should stay home and recover until 24 hours after you no longer have symptoms.

  • If it’s been 29 days or more since your last infection - you should take a RAT. Don’t forget to record your result on www.MyCovidRecord.nz

If you test positive, this will be treated as a reinfection, and you must self-isolate for 7 days. 

If your test is negative, you might still have COVID-19. Your symptoms could also be caused by another infection such as the flu or another virus. If symptoms continue, you should repeat a RAT 48 hours later. If it’s still negative, stay home until you are well.

What do I do if my child tests positive for Covid-19?

Let the school know as soon as possible by contacting the office.

Your child needs to remain at home for 7 days after the date of 1st symptoms or a positive test (whichever came first)

Your child may return to school on day 8, provided they are 24 hours clear of any symptoms.

Please note: Once someone has a positive RAT test, NO further tests are required and the full isolation period must be completed. 

More information on managing a positive case can be found here: https://covid19.govt.nz/isolation-and-care/if-you-have-covid-19/

My child is a Household Contact. What does this mean?

This means someone living in your child's household has tested positive for Covid-19.

Household Contacts no longer need to isolate. They should complete a RAT test every morning for 5 days before going to school or work.  

If your child tests positive during the 5 days, then they will need to isolate for 7 days. Please let us know by contacting the office.

Does my child have to have a Covid-19 test?

It is important to ensure you know if your child has COVID-19. 

Some of our positive cases have not shown any symptoms (asymptomatic), and therefore a test is important for your family to know. 

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATS) are easily available for testing and you can request one from the school office.

My child is feeling unwell (e.g. cough, headache, sore throat etc) Can I still send them to school?

Because these are all symptoms of Covid, please do not send your child to school.

While these may be the normal bugs/sniffles that occur, we encourage you to get your child tested.

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