Te Ao Mārama

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Enrolment Information FAQ's

Why is there an Enrolment Zone?

Our Enrolment Zone was set by the Ministry of Education before our school opened.  It is designed to ensure that our school doesn't become too overcrowded or grow too quickly.

What is the eligibility to enrol?

All learners who attend Te Ao Mārama School need to meet the following criteria: 

  • Be aged 5+ on the first day of attendance
  • Live within our zone
  • Proof of in zone status required:
    Owner Occupied Property:
    1. Sale & Purchase agreement or recent rates demand/valuation plus
    2. Recent electricity or landline/broadband account (must be dated within 1 month of starting school)
  • Rental Property:
    1. Rental agreement or bond receipt letter/email from Tenancy Services plus
    2. Recent electricity or landline/broadband account (must be dated within 1 month of starting school) 

Learners must also hold one of the following: 

  • A New Zealand passport or birth certificate 
  • An NZ Residency Permit
  • A current NZ Student Visa linked to a parent work visa
  • Refugee / diplomatic status
  • An Australian Passport

Can I enrol my child if we live out of zone?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept enrolments from families outside of the school zone.

Where can I get an enrolment form from?

Enrolments are completed online. Click here

What if we move out of zone later on (after my child is enrolled)?

If this is the case, please come and chat to us in advance.  Depending on your circumstances and length of time living in zone, then potentially your child can retain “in zone” status. 

If the timeframe has been very short, then unfortunately it is likely your child would need to enrol at a different school. 

How can I check if I live in zone?

You can view the map here.

What year levels does the school take?

We are a primary school catering for Year 1-6 students.

Do you have a transition programme for new entrants?

Yes.  For children who are new entrants (starting school for the first time), you will be contacted approximately 4-6 weeks prior to their first visit date.

Students will have two Ngā Kākano (transition to school) visits with their Cohort Group, as well as a School Orientation Tour.  

Transition visits consist of you and your child experiencing ‘life in the learning communities’ and having plenty of opportunities to learn about Te Ao Mārama School.

Please read through our Cohort Entry page for more information around when your child can start school as a five year old.

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