Te Ao Mārama

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Learning at Te Ao Mārama

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Learning experiences will be based within the New Zealand Curriculum, our school vision, values and principles. Reading, Writing and Maths will remain a priority but there will also be a focus on play based learning,  student inquiry and the holistic development of all of our students.

Communicating Learning

Communicating Learning (traditionally known as ‘reporting’) happens informally and formally throughout the school year - it is an ongoing process. The online platform we use to do this is called Hero which will be explained to you. We endeavour to use simple, honest language that communicates your child's progress and achievement to you.  If you have queries regarding your child's learning and progress, your first point of contact should always be your child/ren’s whānau teacher.

Home Learning

At Te Ao Mārama we do not set formal home learning. We encourage our students to be active outside school hours and our parents/caregivers to assist their children by:

  • Encouraging reading for pleasure and information

  • Listening and talking to them about things of interest 

  • Providing them with opportunities to help at home 

  • Encouraging and supporting them in their interests

Education outside the Classroom (EOTC)

EOTC experiences (e.g. camps) are an important aspect of our school curriculum. These experiences allow for our learners to challenge their mindsets and to grow in confidence and self esteem. Our school has an EOTC policy and Risk Management Guidelines are followed by all staff when planning trips. All EOTC activities will be clearly communicated with you and at times we may require your assistance in terms of parent help and transport. 

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