Te Ao Mārama

07 595 0595 33 Hare Puke Drive, Hamilton

Health and Safety

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Absences & Lateness

Please inform the school of all absences before 8:40am. 

A text message (SMS) will be sent to one parent/guardian of students whose absence has not been explained.

There are three simple ways to advise us of an absence:

  • Select 'Report an Absence' within the Hero app
  • Leave a voicemail - 07 595 0595 (option 1)
  • Email us - absences@teaomarama.school.nz

If your child/ren will be absent for 3 days or more for any reason, you will need to notify the school in writing to absences@teaomarama.school.nz.  

Please include the dates and the reason for the absence.

If your child is late (arriving after 8.40am), they need to come to the office and sign-in on the visitor tablet (VisTab) before going  to their Learning Community. 

If a student leaves school before 2.30pm, they must also be signed out in the office by whoever is collecting them.  This process will operate in reverse should they return to school. 

Drop Off and Pick Up

For pedestrians, if you are crossing Hare Puke Drive, please use the road patrol crossing and also take extra care in the carpark, especially as you exit.

While we strongly encourage active transport options like walking, biking and scootering we understand that some parents need to occasionally use their cars for school drop off and pick up. On wet days this becomes an even bigger challenge.

We welcome you to come into the school grounds, but if you are, please use the on-road parking options around the school and walk in. If you need to bring the car, there are lots of parking bays around Hare Puke Park and a path running through the park to Meadowfield Drive. 

The carparks along Borman Road and Meadowfield provide very easy access for students to walk to your car, and also means you won’t get stuck in the congestion of the main drop-off/pickup bay.

Main carpark

Our drive way is a Pick-Up and Drop-Off only, which means that from 8:00-9:00am and 2:00-2.45pm there should be no cars left unattended in this zone.

In the afternoons, it is designed to be a flowing driveway where you swing in, pick up your waiting child, and go. This system works best when you arrive just after school finishes, so your child will already be outside waiting. If you are early and you cannot see your child straight away this causes the driveway to block up. Please do a lap around the block and try again.

Hare Puke Reserve Carpark ("Kererū Gate")

Parents collecting Kererū students are encouraged to use this area, but other parents are also able to park here and walk into school through the side gate.

If parking on the school side of the parks, please get out of your car and come in and collect your child(ren) or wait at the exit gate. We do not want our children walking through the planted ditch or through the carpark as this is unsafe. Parents are encouraged to use the many parks on the reserve side of the park, as that enables children to use the footpath, which is much safer.Thank you for working with us to keep your children safe.

Medicine Authority

If your child is on any medication that needs to be administered at school, you will need to complete a medical authority form

Medication is not to be kept in school bags/lunch boxes. For safety reason, it needs to be kept in our school office.

If your child needs medication kept at school permanently (eg: inhaler, antihistamine, EpiPen) this will be kept in a named, labelled container in the school office. 

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